Welcome to the TiMemory Documentation!

Timing + Memory + Hardware Counter Utilities for C / C++ / CUDA / Python


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Source Command
GitHub git clone https://github.com/NERSC/timemory.git
PyPi pip install timemory
Anaconda Cloud conda install -c jrmadsen timemory

Anaconda Cloud

Why Use TiMemory?

Table of contents

  1. About -- About the TiMemory project
  2. Features -- Features supported and provided by TiMemory
  3. Installation -- How to install TiMemory
  4. Components -- Available components in TiMemory and their wrappers
  5. Getting Started -- How to get started using TiMemory
    • Project integration, basic syntax, custom components, generating a roofline
  6. Runtime Overhead -- Analysis of runtime overhead of TiMemory
  7. Doxygen Documentation -- Doxygen source code documentation